Turkish Ytong has led the way of energy saving through thermal insulation in Turkey since its establishment year of 1963, and draws interest with “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” offered to insulation industry as an innovation product. Turkish Ytong doubles the production capacity of “Thermal Insulating Plate” in 2013 that can respond any expectations such as sustainable development, energy efficiency and fire safety. With this capacity, non-combustible insulation will be achieved as an alternative to a 150.000-square meter of jacketing a year. “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” is manufactured in Turkish Ytong’s plant in Bilecik using completely domestic and natural raw materials. Have proven itself in Europe for years, this product draws attentions as it is a totally mineral-based and eco-friendly insulating plate. “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” can be distinguished among the other thermal insulating plates as it is contained in the “A1 class – noncombustible”.

Makes difference in insulation of car park and basement ceilings

“Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” is used as a significant solution to noncombustible façade makings with a thermal insulation rate of 0.05 W/mK. This product with a dry unit weight of 140 kg/m³ allows achieving healthy breathable facades due to diffusing nature and maintains its performance for years through its stable structure. A perfect thermal insulation is achievable even in higher buildings with “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” which is lighter than conventional Ytong materials. One of the most significant differences of “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” is distinguished in insulation of car park and basement ceilings. The product proves itself as an unrivaled material for such areas.

Used to insulate inside of the historical structures

 “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” also allows interior insulation applications when renovating historical structures to improve energy efficiency and attract attention as a comfortable solution due to breathable mineral nature. It is important to historical structures as it is a noncombustible insulating material even during a fire and prevents formation of smoke and fire drops. “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” is indicated one of the significant solutions to prevent buildings from damaging especially in fire of historical structures causing everyone great distress. “Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” is increasingly preferred for façade thermal insulation (jacketing) and terrace insulation. Celebrating 50th anniversary of establishment in 2013, Turkish Ytong continues to contribute to development of Turkish building industry with innovative products composed of ecofriendly raw materials, providing confidence against disasters such as fire and earthquake as well as providing thermal insulation.
“Ytong Thermal Insulating Plate” the non-combustible insulation material, fills an important void in terms of fire safety and energy saving and attracts the attention of industry. Turkish Ytong doubles its capacity of production against this interest beyond expectations. It will have a capacity to produce non-combustible thermal insulation of 150.000 square meters a year.

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